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Fygi has assembled a world-class team of developers and dedicated entrepreneurs whose mission focuses on designing, building, and delivering leading-edge technology solutions.
We’ve been a driving force of digital transformation through insight, strategy, design, and technology since 2018, and we are supported by Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway. 

The Vision

Our overall vision is to create an increased loyalty to local trade. Fygi Technologies will be the central contributor to the work to increase the proportion of local trade on selected market segments, as well Reduce customer loss in other segments exposed to digital disruption.

We will achieve this by providing customers with an exceptional customer journey through an intelligent combination of physical and digital customer experiences

The Opportunity

FYGI Technologies offers investors an unprecedented competitive advantage for In-Store solutions with our transformational mobile application based on SaaS that can easily scale.
We use the most advanced technology available such as machine learning, proximity technology to create life-changing digital transformations.

Fygi Technologies

Varnaveien 34, 1523 Moss, Norway
+47 69 10 96 96
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