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Fygi offers a mobile Scan Pay Go solution. Customers simply scan and buy the products they want using their phone.
mobile payment solution using phone

Løsninger for tyverisikring

Employee app ansatt applikasjon
Ansatt applikasjon
Realtidsinformasjon om bruk av løsningen, ved tilfeldig kontroll vil den ansatte enkelt kunne sjekke om alle varer er betalt for eller ikke.
selfservice alarm detection system


(patent pending)
Egenutviklet enhet for selvbetjening som overvåker om hvilke produkter som kan forlate butikken uten å utløse en alarm.
checkout sjekkpunkt selvutsjekk
Sjekkpunkt hvor kunden kan bli plukket ut til tilfeldig kontroll basert på produkt, pris, tid eller ved bruk av vår smarte algoritme.

Easiest system to integrate with

Built from scratch with integrations in mind, FYGI is the easiest system your enterprise will ever integrate with.

Plug & play integration with ERP and e-commerce platforms!

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easiest system to integrate
payment solutions vipps swish afterpay paypal adyen klarna

Payment solutions

Fygi supports all kinds of electronic and mobile payment solutions.

The modes of payment you already have, you keep. The ones you would like to introduce, we facilitate.

Transfers are done directly from the payment provider to your bank account.

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Customers buy 30% more when using their phone.2

Consumers are ready for new retail. Let them have the experience in your store.
contactless experience payment
7 out of 10 prefer a contactless experience
use phones in-store

70% use phones in-store. Do you know how? We do!

avoid queues in store

Queues. 70% are unwilling to return to queued up stores

selfservice checkout using phone

71% prefer to use their own phone when checking out

2. Grewal et. al 2018

Employee app

On a dedicated device your staff can now do the following:
  • Scan products and use the product information in their meetings with your customers
  • Age verification for age restricted products
  • Remotely approve the purchases requiring manual control
  • Live shopping to communicate with customers shopping from home
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Employee app live shopping scan products
About us employees Fygi

About Fygi

Fygi Technologies offers its customers an unprecedented competitive advantage through self-servicing solutions.

Our cloud-based solutions for mobile phones free up staff time, and dramatically reduce retailers’ reliance on expensive hardware, such as self-checkout stations and traditional POS systems.

We use the most modern development tools and a scalable cloud architecture to enable super-efficient employment of new customers, functionality and services.

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Scan Pay Go add-ons

Add-ons tekst.....

Live shopping clothing shoes sports

Clothing / Shoes / Sports

Our fashion solutions for clothing, shoes and sports equipment brings totally new experiences:
  • Digital assistance in dressing rooms
  • Live shopping
  • Tap and try!
Electronics shopping system


TVs. Smartphones. All shopping of electronics are better with Fygi’s omnichannel features;
  • Home delivery or value added services
  • Live shopping
  • Offers the entire product range, everywhere!
Easiest grocerie shopping


Sustainability. No waiting in line. Personalised offering. Easiest grocery shopping;
  • Continuous scanning
  • Personalized marketing based on preference
  • No hardware investments

Do you reward loyalty?

We will integrate with your existing loyalty program and give loyal customers the offers they deserve. We support you with data about your customers.
customer reward loyalty
What are customers looking for

Know your customers - take ownership

Fygi insights. What are customers looking at but not buying? Take ownership of the information in store with Fygi.

Two of three consumers already use the mobile to get product information. Don’t let them browse your competitors product info and pricing due to search engine ranking!

Frictionless experience

Fygi offers a customer journey without friction. No more waiting in line, more accessible information, and easier shopping.

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Self-checkout without hardware

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