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Technology has created e-commerce, and online stores are taking advantage of the technology. Now physical stores will take part in the revolution. FYGI is the future of physical commerce, creating good and effective shopping experiences.

Espen Lippert - CEO FYGI Technologies

More than a APP developer

Fygi Technologies is a digital technology company that transforms businesses by generating ideas, building products, and accelerating growth through enhanced customer experiences.


We are passionate about creating impactful digital experiences, driven by insight, strategy, design, and technology to transform the way customers interact with brands.


It’s crucial for companies to adopt a technology-focused approach to business in order to thrive in the retail market and we help them do that with our solutions.

Customer focused

We have a sharp focus on the retail industry and knows the challenges brands face gaining and retaining customers, driving sales, and building sustainable growth.

Ready for the next step in your digital transformation?

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Our Founders

Played active roles in commercial start-ups since 2001. Co-Founded 3 companies. Enjoy to share and to make things happen. 

Espen Lippert



+47 908 88 688

MSc in Computer Engineering at NTNU.

8+ years of experience in development and solution architecture for mobile solutions.

Kenneth Kristiansen



+47 928 22 696

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