Creating Stunning In-store experiences

Trigger your customers

Fygi® Retail offers customers the ability to interact with a brand via their mobile device. It`s activated when a customer enters a store and adapts to the design, colors, and logo of that specific brand – making it fully customizable. It provides customers the opportunity to use all services the store has available.

In-store customer experiences

Customers will be able to access:

  • Inventory status
  • Related products (upsale)
  • Product tests
  • View virtual items in store allowing user interaction
  • Special offers and other relevant product information

Increased customer satisfaction

Businesses will also have the capability to link services to the moment customer leaves the store. Behavioral psychology research shows that people best remember the highlight and the end of an experience. Our solution will create extraordinary highlights and endings that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition, the solution utilize gamification and behavioral psychology to create enganging services the stores themselves can manage and adapt to their specific customer base.

Machine learning
Gaming technology
Proximity technology
Augmented reality

The technology we use in the development of our solution is the most advanced and leading-edge technology available

It covers all phases of the customer’s experience and buyer’s journey.

Our solution utilizes a digital platform that customers can access via their smartphone and is available for both iOS and Android. The app itself is not a point of sale (POS) system, but we can easily integrate with any POS or e-commerce sites through our open API’s.

It covers all phases of the customer’s experience and buyer’s journey from marketing through sales, to customer service and beyond. When clients use our service, it means we take their customers from beginning to end in the shopping experience building customer loyalty and increasing sales.

The competition is fierce, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to drive new customers and retain an existing client base. Customer’s buying behavior has changed over the last several years through access to search engines, social media, user-friendly online stores and mobile apps that provide an exceptional buying experience for their tech savvy customers.

It’s an absolute must for retail brands today to deliver personalized,relevant experiences that make it easy for customers to do business with them at their physical locations. Fygi takes it further – starting with strategy, we help retailers and independent shops, go beyond omni-channel to power growth with predictive, and fluid customer experiences.

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