Scan. Pay. Go.

Fygi offers a mobile Scan Pay Go solution. Customers simply scan and buy the products they want using their phone. Either through our app or using the web browser. And off they go. Easy as a pie!


Cost effective

Making shopping easy should not be
expensive. We believe that self-shopping technology should be available for everyone. Not only the big businesses, but also for the local clothing store or family business. Fygi’s Scan Pay Go solution is therefore affordable and easy to set up.

Effortless setup

Forget about big installments and massive hardware setups. Our solution is uncomplicated and straight forward. We use your existing POS and data systems to implement our software. That means, no hardware is required! Getting Fygi up and running is smooth sailing.

Frictionless experience

Fygi offers a customer journey without friction. No more waiting in line, more acccessible information, and easier shopping. Instant purchase possibility and no long lines reduce the risk of abandoned carts. Customers choose themselves whether to use the app or web browser. The results are a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Data and anti-theft

Using Fygi is safe. For everyone. Your customers don’t even need to register to use it. They can choose themselves if they want to download our app or simply check out using the web browser on their phone. Easy and accessible even for customers who are concerned about privacy and hesitant to downloading anything. We assure you that privacy is preserved.

If you are worried about shoplifting, you shouldn’t be. Fygi also provides simple and cost-effective anti-theft solution to make sure that no unpaid goods leave your store.

Free up your time

Why don’t you let the customers take care of the payment themselves? Fygi frees up your time and lets you spend more time on the service that makes your customers come back, time after time. Give yourself more time to focus on what matters.

Safe for the customers, safe for you.

Covid-19 forced consumers into a safe shopping mindset. Current research indicates that customers increasingly value shopping safety (Capgemini 2020). Give the customers what they want. Fygi offers a safer shopping experience for your employees and the customers.

Your customers are ready. Get going!

Consumers are eager to try out new ways of shopping. Why don’t you let them?

76% of consumers want personalized, in-store shopping experiences.1

Customers buy 30% more when using their phone.2

Over 75% would be comfortable in a retail setting where only self-checkout was available.1

2/3 are more likely to shop at a store that integrates technology into the shopping experience.1

Source: 1. SOTI 2. Grewal et. al 2018


Once you have Fygi scan-pay-go, a whole new world of opportunities opens.
We offer several add on features that will enhance your customers shopping experience.


Analytics for physical stores. Get key insights from consumer behavior.

Individual in store-campaigns

Target and reward frequent customers.


In store monitors with product info that can be transferred to mobile device.


Use customers online activity to promote tailored in-store products.

Kids competitions

AR competitions to keep customers kids from being bored.

Click & Collect

Place your order online and pick it up in the store.

In store help

Let customers call staff to the changing rooms or chat with customer service.

Electronic Shelf Label

Light them up when customers are looking for the product.

Endless aisle

Promote and sell products that are not available in store.

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